Monday, June 15, 2015

Lift Care Essential Oils -Lemon Oil

This lemon oil smells great and it's not an overwhelming or obnoxious scent. This bottle of lemon oil comes with a screw top but it also comes with the an eyedropper top which is great, it makes it easier for measuring the amount of oil I need so I don't overdo it or under do it when making a recipe or putting it in my oil diffuser, nothing is wasted. I love that it's 100% pure cold pressed oil from the rinds of lemons, nothing is added, no fillers, no binders, nothing, it's just straight lemon oil from lemons. 

Did you know that Lemon essential oil has shown to have antidepressant effects? As well as when lemon essential oil was diffused during test taking in a research study that there was 54% fewer errors than without it. Lemon oil has many homeopathic uses. 

For colds and sore throats you can gargle with it a lemon oil mix which is two jobs of lemon oil diluted and a half glass of water which is about 4 ounces. 

Lemon oil is also a great antiseptic and works as an anti-bacterial agent. It's great to help with cold sores or mouth ulcers to help lessen the pain and help with healing by putting a drop directly on the affect area! Got eczema? Helps with that too!

One of my favorite uses for lemon oil is to make a disinfectants and cleaners with it, kind of like lysol except it's much cheaper! You can clean all kinds of things with it! I put about four drops of lemon oil in a bottle of water and spray my countertops, kitchen table, bathroom, pretty much everything to disinfect them, wipe them clean, and no harsh chemicals To worry about around my kids or pets!!! 

It's also great as an air freshener/air cleanser! I usually put about 9 or 10 drops In my oil diffuser, put it in the room I wish to cleanse the air in and turn it on. 

It's also great in my dish washer, washing machine, carpet cleaner, I use it to clean my tile, and of course a few drops in my garbage can to keep it smelling fresh!
I love that it's safe for my food surfaces so no extra scrubbing or cleaning to make sure nothing's left on it to make someone sick. 

If you're an essential oil nut like I am this lemon oil is definitely a great choice. The huge bottle and it's a great price. Although I was given a chance to try this lemon oil for free I would definitely pay the price for a second bottle when I run out.  It's made in Italy and distributed in Cali. 

You can buy it here
And here is their website if you would like to see more of their awesome products!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

How To Hide Snacks From Your Man!

I know I am not alone in having a significant other that eats me out of house and home ESPECIALLY snacks. As if my two kids aren't bad enough eating everything in sight he just adds to the cause. It's not just the snacks it's the fact that you can buy 30 different snacks for them all and have one measly box shoved in the back of the highest cabinet you need a step stool to reach for yourself and that box always disappears first! Just one box that's it, that's all I ask for! One crumby box with 4 cupcakes is that really too much to ask?!


Well I coupon and with couponing there's lots of the same items I get, including snacks! Anyways I have learned the perfect, sure to never be found, hiding spot! 

Now once I let you in on this secret you cannot let any man ever see this!!! If you do we are all screwed! Word will get around and we will lose our greatest hiding spot and never have that ring ding we are craving  for when aunt flow visits and the kids ate the last of the chocolate candies!

Ok... Are you ready?

NOW if you do not have a huge bin filled with tampons and other lady bits products that's OK! Next time you empty a box of tampon keep it! Put your prized goodies in said empty box, close it, and put it underneath or behind your open box! If you don't want to wait til you empty a box make sure you have 2 boxes and stuff all your tampons in one box. VoilĂ ! Empty box!

BOOM instant hiding place!! Unless of course your husband or child gets a bloody nose and decides sticking a tampon up their nose would help stop bleeding better than using a tissue or tp! Trust me it is possible, slim but possible, my friend's son once thought maxi pads were really big band aids and YES he would try to use them as such!

If your weak spot is ice cream that disappears try hiding your ice cream bars in an empty box or bag of whatever food your man dare not touch! Trust me it works like a charm! 

Now for this to work FOREVER, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER go to your hiding spot with anyone around! EVER!

The best is when you pull out one of your goodies  and he's all "where'd you get that?!" Thinking he had the last one mwahahahaha! 

ENJOY your goodies when YOU feel like it!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reusable k cups!

I was fortunate enough to be able to review these K cups and Omg I love them! Coming as a six pack is great! Now if I have company and all I have is ground coffee no k cups or if some want coffee that I only have in the ground version and not K cups I don't want to have to wash one reusable cup in between making coffee Because one is all I have! I want enough so everyone can get a cup without waiting long and I can wash them all while everyone drinks their first cup and be ready for the second cup. They fit right in my keurig no problem. Also I noticed they work better then ones I got at Walmart. They do not make the mess the other ones make. The ones I bought at Walmart always seem to have coffee comes off the edges of the bottom of where the coffee comes out of because the coffee pours out of the sides of the kcup instead if only the bottom, misses the cup, and makes a mess but these ones are as if they are a k cup n don't let water out of the sides really even though it's a metal mesh material and the coffee only comes out of the bottom of it making no mess. I could not be happier. I usually hand wash them but throw them on the top rack of my dish washer now and then and have no problem. Also as you can see in the fourth picture the cup does not just sit closed it actually closely securely and very easily unlike other brands I have bought! So if I fill it, close it, and knock it over there's no mess! If you have kids like I do or a large breed nosey dog (which I have as well) it doesn't matter where or what you set on a counter if it's there longer then 20 seconds and they come within 10 ft of it, it is bound to get knocked over! 

The holy grail...
BOOM it fits!
GASP! No mess! No spill! 

Tea infuser!

This tea infuser is great I can put whatever herbs I want in it without hassle. It also comes apart and goes together with ease and although it is soft and easy to pull apart it is also very strong when together and has not come apart while using it.. Its simple to use and clean. I love that it comes with a little coaster to put it on when I take it out of my tea so I do not need to rush to throw out the insides or rush to the sink to clean it. I also love that it doubles as a spoon when I add my milk and honey, just hold onto the leaf end and swirl it around. It's a great product for a tea person and as you can see from my cabinet picture below I love my tea and coffee!
Beautiful red color (my favorite!)
Comes apart easily!
Sinks to the bottom on its own!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Smoochie's Water Additive for Dogs & Cats 12 oz - Bad Breath Remover

I was very skeptical at first I've never tried a dog breath freshened before but I figured why not give it a shot! I was lucky enough to receive my Smoochie's for reviewing purposes and I can honestly say I'm glad I did! My dog has terrible breath I miss her puppy breath because my dogs breath, oh my God, she gives you a kiss and you're just like WHOA! I really wasn't sure if my dog would drink her water after putting anything in her dish. Boy was I wrong! I put 3-4 squirts in her bowl as it says one per 8 ounces of water (it's a big bowl n I usually fill it with 24-32 oz of water) and at first there were a few bubbles on top and then after about 5 to 10 minutes there were no more bubbles and you couldn't tell anything was in her water. There's no older and from what I can tell there's no taste as my dog has been drinking her water as usual. She has been drinking her water like this for about a week now and her breath definitely smells better. Not minty fresh, it doesn't smell like cinnamon, or roses but it does not smell bad at all! I could not be happier with this product! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with bad breath! 

Monday, November 10, 2014


This product is great. I received it as a sampling opportunity from crowdtap a social media sharing outlet that let's people talk about products and often try products. From household products to food products to pet products! Well this opportunity was for ZEP quick clean disinfectant and ZEP all around oxy cleaner and degreaser. They work AMAZING. My stovetop gets gross from grease and all kinds of food mess but nothing helps my stove keep it's nice shine til I tried ZEP degreaser. Omg it works wonders! I wish I had this sooner. Aside from normal wear and tear scratches on my stove this product works great. Spray let sit one minute wipe and rinse no hard scrubbing!! AMAZEBALLS!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Healthy life brand detox cleanse

Healthy life detox cleanse

I received this to test and allow others to get feel feedback from my experience using this product. What I really love is that it is all natural and made here in the US. I used this product for a few days and I felt a difference in my body. Usually I feel bloated and stuffed but this has helped stop that feeling! It didn't  make my stomach upset or work "too fast" if you catch my drift! It helped regulate things when I needed it. As directed you should not use more than 7 days in a row. This product is great and I will update this if I need to use it again.